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Happy Food
Help Stranded Workers on Koh Phangan

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Due the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of workers in Thailand have been laid off, including guest workers from Myanmar and Laos. Many of them are now trapped in Thailand with no income, and in some cases, no homes.

This project aims to feed displaced workers on the island on Koh Phangan, near Koh Samui, for the duration of the coronavirus crisis.

The local Thai community is organizing packing of ingredients for those with kitchens, and cooking of hot food daily for those with no access to a kitchen. All they need is a constant supply of food ingredients.

Our Mission

How Urgent is the Situation?


workers have had their income affected


is all it costs to provide a single nutritious meal for one person


is the minimum needed to ensure no worker starves over the coming three months

About Us

We're a group of Thais and foreigners. We're all working 100% on a volunteer basis. Our project is being organised by Sontaya Saeyo, a former monk from Chaloklum in collaboration with other Thai community leaders, funded by donation with transparency oversight led by Kittisak Norheim, former captain in UN peacekeeping forces.

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With such an urgent and huge challenge ahead of us, we need all the help we can get. Will you help us make sure no-one starves on Koh Phangan?

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